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Hi Guildies!

This is a work in progress but aims to be a place where you can find Raid strategies, tips n' tricks, funnies, events and much more.

Your activity will help keep the page alive.

see you all online!

Kind regards
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Changes to raid rules

stefanbahnson, Sep 19, 11 7:23 PM.
I've made some changes to the raid rules concerning sign ups. 

Tentative 3 hours before raid, you can get replaced.
Confirms are made up until 15 minutes before start.

As a side note...

Raiding is demanding but should still be fun. Focusing on your main raiding charachter is a must as well as evolving as a raider.
Half measures won't get you far.

Firelands is getting easier

stefanbahnson, Sep 14, 11 3:47 AM.
Hi everyone!

Blizzard just annonuced  that they are nerfing Firelands starting 19sep.

So how much are they nerfing? We can expect Firelands to get to the same level as T11 raids.

Yay! or?? booo! who knows, we just have to wait and see. I'm hoping we can focus more on buidling a solid raid team now and prepare for the next tier of content.

So empty your bags cause we're going gear shopping.

Raiding and you

stefanbahnson, Sep 10, 11 7:24 PM.
We've made some rules concerning raiding which everybody should read that wants to be a part of the raid team.
Check the forums for more info.

Take care

A Breath of fresh Fire

stefanbahnson, Aug 29, 11 11:31 AM.

Fighting fire with fire? Colgate thinks BAD IDEA... mouth wash is the way to go and down came the dragon... what? WHATEVER!

Blowing in the 4 winds

stefanbahnson, Aug 29, 11 11:15 AM.

We successfully Destroyed "Throne of the four Winds" as a guild. The hunt for the grand title "Defender of a shattered world" continues...
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